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bullet About Tetra Tech
Tetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting, engineering, program management, construction, and technical services addressing the resource management and infrastructure markets. The Company supports government and commercial clients by providing innovative solutions focused on water, the environment, and energy. With approximately 10,000 employees worldwide, Tetra Tech's capabilities span the entire project life cycle.

 Tetra Tech Sciences (Sciences), a part of Tetra Tech, Inc., is a consulting company based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Sciences provides consulting services on scientific and technical issues relating to the impact of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biologics, and physical agents on human health and the environment.

 Scientists in the company are specialists in epidemiology, statistics, medicine, toxicology, reproductive and endocrine health, and exposure assessment. The scientistsí skills in these broad practice areas are used to study and evaluate a variety of diverse exposures, including industrial chemicals, pesticides, consumer products, fibers, biological agents, and pharmaceuticals.

 The company is proud that its scientists are respected leaders in their specialties and have served clients from both the government and private sectors, including federal and state agencies, private companies, trade associations, and law firms.

navButton 3.4.14 - Herman Gibb is interviewed by Environmental Health Perspectives for a news article on Chemical Contaminants in Drinking Water. Where do we go from here?.- to read the article, click here
navButton 1.14.14 - Keri Fulcher and Herman Gibb publish article, Setting the Research Agenda on the Health Effects of Chemicals.- to read the article, click here
navButton 12.16.13 - Tetra Tech Sciences has moved!
navButton 12.9.13 - Herman Gibb presents at Society for Risk Analysis meeting in Baltimore, MD.
navButton 11.18.13 - Eric Hooker attended an ILSI-HESI workshop on “Assessing Adverse Epigenetic Effects of Drugs and Chemicals”.
navButton 11.5.13 - Mrs. Fulcher presents poster at American Public Health Association conference in Boston, MA.
navButton 10.17.13 - Toxicologist Eric Hooker attended the annual meeting of the Middle Atlantic Reproduction and Teratology Association (MARTA).
navButton 10.6.13- Birth Defects Epidemiology. An invited paper by Tetra Tech Science’s Anthony Scialli has been published in Seminars in Fetal and Neonatal Medicine. - to read the paper, click here.
navButton 9.27.13- Herman Gibb was interviewed by the journal, Science. The title of the journal article is “Gold’s Dark Side.” - to read the article, click here.
navButton 9.26.13- Keri Fulcher and Herman Gibb are authors of WHO fact sheet entitled “Mercury Exposure and Health Impacts Among Individuals in the Artisanal and Small-scale gold mining (ASGM) Community. - to see a copy, click here.
navButton 9.18.13- Herman Gibb is interviewed by Lancet. Dr. Gibb was interviewed by the journal, Lancet, for an article entitled “KBR appeals $85 million sodium dichromate verdict.” - to read the paper, click here.
navButton 7.28.13 - 8.2.13-Dr. Gibb makes a presentation and is a panelist in two panel sessions at the 11th ICMGP in Edinburgh, Scotland. - to read more on the conference, click here.
navButton 7.4.13 -Ms. Fulcher speaks at International Congress of Toxicology Conference in Seoul, South Korea.
navButton 5.23.13 -Dr. Gibb is co-author of journal article on arsenic and mercury in soils of an industrial city in Ukraine - to read the article, click here.
navButton 4.20.13 - Dr. Scialli speaks at Harvard course
navButton 4.8.13 - Dr. Gibb to attend WHO's Foodborne Epidemiology Reference Group (FERG)
navButton 3.18.13 - Dr. Gibb and Ms. Fulcher present at the Department of Energy
navButton 3.13.13 - Mr. Hooker presents at Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting.
navButton 3.11.13 - Dr. Gibb presents at the Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting
navButton 3.7.13 - Dr. Gibb presents at the University of Pittsburgh
navButton 2.14.13 - Dr. Gibb and Ms. Fulcher publish an article on radiation and mesothelioma
navButton 1.24.13 - Ms. Jiang Wang begins a student consulting practicum at Tetra Tech Sciences
navButton 12.2.12 - Ms. Holly Rainis begins a student practicum at Tetra Tech Sciences
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